Monday, November 3, 2008

New Blog!! Because there are just about no blog's to see Teen Boys in their UNDIES

Hi there, it’s me Michael, owner of the blog. Don't you find it strange that there is just about only naked young boys on the web? I am 19, and enjoy looking at younger guys, but in there undies or swimming gear and can I find it on the web? No! Unless I look in the wrong places. There is just that something in boys showing there shirtless bodies but still not at the bottom. It let's one's imagination run wild. WHAT IF I CAN SEE HIM NAKED? That is a turn on!!! Seeing a bulging boy in his undies or just showing some pubic hair and smooth body. Now that IS A TURN ON! Help me create that site: IMAGINATION RUNNING WILD - TEENBOYUNDERWEAR. All contact information will be kept confidential as stipulated by Blogger or report ME if I'm wrong. Go to my PROFILE and e-mail me pics, either of yourself or pics taken by you or even from the web. We can make this blogger the best ever - Soft Porn. Even link me to yours or let me link to you. Want to see teen boys in there undies then send the pics and follow this blogger, it is going to be GREAT! Thanx